Ideal for Marketing Managers, Retail Managers, Property Management Companies and Shopping Centre Owners

Brand Strategies
Design and develop consistent brand strategies to translate your company brand into electronic and print & digital media, packaging and effective storytelling.

Social Media
Manage content, design and strategy for social media channels. Create and develop direct online-presence strategy for optimisation.

Marketing Strategies
create and execute innovative marketing strategies to achieve business goals. Coordinate and manage cross-functional freelance teams of writers, graphic designers and photographers.

Retail Cycle Shopping Centre Strategies
Promotion designs to peak sale performance within the Centre in key categories due to the age of the asset.

Coaching for new marketing staff to the shopping Centre industry

Shopping Centre Asset Review
Is the Centre looking tired and the tenants not paying the rent? This package is designed to stimulate all areas of the Centre from operations, marketing and tenant development. It first starts with an entire Asset review of the Centre, provide practical and cost effective advice to enhance the shopping experience within the Centre using operational budget.


To assist the tenants through the redevelopment your shopping Centre with consultancy on sales, promotions, marketing and instore presentation. This is done by providing practical advice, expertise and specialist skills with the aim of creating value, maximising growth or improving the business performance within their store.


  • Discussion with centre management about tenants & key issues a week prior to the visit
  • 1 – 2 hour consultancy with tenant (owner or floor manager)
  • Review of sales data
  • Action notes are written from instore review & consultancy. This is given to the tenant straight away.
  • 3 “agreed action steps” are recorded
  • Quarterly follow up to increase business success


To increase sales, customer attraction, business confidence and improve the customer experience so they return more frequently and spend more with the specialty retailers and major anchor tenants.


Asset Review to attract more customers, increase foot fall and provide cost effective solutions to improve the experience for the customer.


  • A full critique of the shopping environment and review of current design within the shopping centre and how the customer interacts with the entire asset. Identifying weak areas that may prohibit customers from shopping, sales or a positive experience.
  • Provide a series of solutions that significantly enhance retail capability & customer satisfaction within the centre
  • Enhanced retail design and format within the shopping centre to attract more customers to the space and further tenants
  • Review of the wayfinding and signage placement for maximum foot traffic to key avenues
  • Speak with shoppers and retailers on key issues that are considered barriers to the shopping experience
  • Identifying atmosphere, colour, lighting, design needs to meet the expectations shoppers within the centre
  • Review any marketing or promotions that are currently being conducted in the centre.
  • Provide contacts and cost effective solutions for proposed changes (budgets not included)

Area for review

  • All areas that the customers come into contact to while shopping within the centre this includes website, centre marketing, the signage, entrances, roads & access, internal signage, toilets, common areas, seating, key retail stores and exits and review of the tenancy mix.
  • Digital photos of all areas will be included in the report

Visual Merchandising Training

The visual merchandising training is designed to help your retailers create a successful mix merchandising, design and the use of point of sale, to offer the most complete service and sales possible, and become a destination location for all your customers’ needs.

This training will offer the managers & staff, retail expertise to help you create a flexible store and merchandising plan that encompasses window or entrance displays, communication points, fixtures, lighting, sightlines, “human space”, comfortable colours that enhance their brand. This is created by merchandising design elements that can be customised to help the stores.

Visual merchandising can transform a shopper into a buyer. It can increase the average dollar amount per sale. Effective displays teach shoppers about the product/brand and the key attributes.

Workshop Outline

  1. Attract more customers; increase interaction and product sales by being a better retailer;
  2. Create an environment that stimulates sales by understanding what motivates your customers to buy;
  3. Maximise return on your display space by matching the location of your products to the needs of the customer;
  4. Create impact and store identity through effective window displays and display areas;
  5. Reinforce the features and benefits of your products by using effective ticketing and signage techniques;
  6. Increase traffic flow and interest by coordinating effective promotional campaigns;
  7. Present problem stock effectively to ensure it continues to sell and achieve a stock turn;
  8. Identify high VM standards and manage the team to maintain these standards.
  9. Understand store dynamics and how the customer likes to buy


  • Increase sales and profits
  • Visually attract more customers to the store
  • Improve the customer experience with easier buying
  • Develop a competitive advantage
  • If time permits, a centre walk thru discussing points of visual merchandising practices or one on one consultancy with the tenants who attended training

Food Merchandising for Fresh Food, Bakeries, Butchers, Cafes & Restaurants

  • Maximise contrasts and sell by pleasing the customer’s eye.
  • Learn the art of presentation behind glass cabinets
  • Understand international display methods
  • Review product mix and complimentary item placement on display.
  • Review overall signage including pricing and POP.
  • Review post-lunch procedure for maximum appeal.
  • Develop a retail plan-o-gram to guide un-monitored employees.
  • Props and merchandising container review.
  • Menu Board design
  • How to optimise communication zones with imagery and key offers to maximise sales
  • Tips on Menu design and layout secrets for profitability
  • A “hands on” class conducted in the evening with centre walk thru to discuss cabinets & displays and on the next day – one on one sessions with tenants that attended training.

Retail Advertising & Promotion Workshop

  • Retail Advertising and Promotion explores how today’s retailers can effectively reach their existing customers while also attracting and retaining new ones. The only advertising class that focuses specifically on the retail industry, it practical information on planning and budgeting and advice on how to work with advertising agencies.
  • All forms of advertising media are covered, from newspapers and magazines to television, radio, outdoor advertising, and the web & social media.
  • The workshop also discusses promotional tools such as special events, visual merchandising, and public relations, providing retailers with all they need to coordinate successful advertising and promotional initiatives on behalf of a retail business.

Christmas Class for Sales – Getting Ready for Christmas

  • Christmas show stopping specials
  • In store atmosphere & displays
  • Presentation
  • Correct product placement
  • Stock Management
  • Marketing (if required)
  • Systems for large volumes of customers
  • Creating the In store experience
  • Stock Management and having enough stock to meet demand
  • Planning ahead calendar 26 Dec – sale time (getting ready for this)
  • One on one consultancy with each retailer who attended training

Other workshops

  • Customers Service & Sales – using GUEST technique
  • Food merchandising class for foodcourt retailers
  • Grow My Business – category mgt, growth strategies, buying tips and marketing
  • Retail Advertising and Promotion
  • Customer Service Training for Shopping Centre Service Teams
  • Fashion Visual Merchandising Training & Styling
  • Creating instore promotions, events and easy marketing for sales
  • Furniture Store Layout and Merchandising
  • How Hot Are Your Spots – store layout, zones, lighting, dynamics
  • Management training – the basics of retail
  • Window Dressing Class

Need an audit of the current wayfinding system? Let Boom Retail review the entire system and offer practical solutions prior to employing a signage company. This will assist with effective navigation for the customer and improve traffic flow to various areas.

Understand what to communicate when and how much. This will save you thousands off your signage bill and get the right advice the right time around.

To ensure your new tenant has the best design for sales and customer traffic flow let Boom review the proposed plans and offer practical and effective solutions to grow sales and attract new customers with effective solutions regarding fixtures, signage, display, lighting, materials, colours and point of sale holders. Many designers do not understand the stages of a “Sale” or the zones that influences buying.

Once the first concept has been submitted and 3D drawing or elevation drawings are supplied for review and comment.

Do you have a struggling tenant that needs some assistance?

Let Boom assist this tenant with either:

  1. Face-to-face consultancy with action list provided
  2. Full digital consultancy report with photos and action list

For large Shopping Centres Services with GLA over 10,000 square metres

Bi-monthly tenant development program visiting 6 retailers throughout the day and optional category training provided. The one-on-one visit covers such topics as:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Exterior Display
  • Signage and ticketing
  • Category Management basic techniques
  • Stock levels
  • Marketing of the business
  • Social Media review
  • Instore presentation
  • Customer Service
  • Product display
  • Offer
  • Measuring KPI’s
  • Store Layout
  • Atmosphere

For Small Shopping Centres or Shopping Villages

Bi-monthly tenant visits with action lists for each tenant for the property manager to follow up on. The one-on-one visit covers such topics as:

  • Visual Merchandising
  • Exterior Display
  • Signage and ticketing
  • Category Management basic techniques
  • Stock levels
  • Marketing of the business
  • Social Media review
  • Instore presentation
  • Customer Service
  • Product display
  • Offer
  • Measuring KPI’s
  • Store Layout
  • Atmosphere

The visit is designed to be motivating, give an outside perspective to the customer experience and provide retail expertise. The tenant will be given action list of items they can improve upon.

Needing to refresh your shopping centre and improve the customer attraction & experience within the shopping centre or village?

Boom can assist will a full Visual Consultancy Report. This includes an overall assessment of multiple aspects of the centre from arrival, car park, entrance, lighting, customer experience, tenancy mix, seating areas, landscaping, visibility, signage observations, bathroom experience, income generation points and shopping centre presentation.

It’s a great tool for business planning for the centre and pre-design review prior to upgrade or simple up keep of the shopping centre. Owners, key management, operations, centre management teams use these reports to improve the customer experience, attract more tenants and provide an unbiased overview of the centre standards.

Key shopping centres & Tourism Companies who have use this report:

  • Hyperdome Shopping Centre 2007 (awarded best improved property by Property Council of Australia) after implementing the report ideas.
  • Robina Town Centre – through development various areas reviewed for the Architects to proceed with new changes
  • Westpoint Blacktown – full signage review which results in serious upgrade of the way finding and customer experience points.
  • Castle Towers – full review prior to the development
  • The Barracks – to upgrade the entire property and signage system
  • Aspley Village Shopping Centre – prior to their million dollar upgrade
  • Nundah Village – to provide a better customer experience, attract new tenants and better wayfinding.
  • Centre Point Tamworth– to improve leasing issue and redefine the tenancy mix & locations
  • Canberra Centre – to improve the lower level food court and provide predesign to the architects
  • Albany Creek Leisure centre – improve the retail offer, layout and sales
  • Scenic World – to improve retail sales, layout, spend per customer, and signage
  • Jamberoo Action Park – improve F&B sales, signage, arrival, retail shop sales and spend per visitor.
  • Central Lakes – parking improvements, signage, bathroom experience, tenancy mix and overall presentation of convenience shopping centre.
  • Domain Car Park – improve signage and wayfinding, parking experience, destination points, marketing, and customer service
  • Greenbank Shopping centre – improve signage, tenant mix, marketing review, bathroom experience, layout and income generation ideas.
  • Home Hub Homemaker Centre – Castle Hill – customer attraction, brand review, signage, parking, layout, tenancy mix, marketing, tenant development suggestions and cleaning review.
  • QCCU – credit union branch review for upgrade of new head office quarters for improve retail offer, customer experience and in branch review.
  • Kippa Ring Shopping Centre– review of brand new centre to improve the asset to attract better leasing, improve the customer experience, signage & wayfinding, seating, leasing and key tenant reviews.
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